6 Website Hacks to Give Your Brand the Best First Impression

What does a business website need in order to be successful?

A website needs a user-friendly web design, which is also easy to navigate.

It also needs unique content which is relevant its users.

Most importantly, the design of the website should be able to convert, based on the goals set by the business.

Whether it be signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, filling in a form or joining a membership.

Below are 6 website hacks to give your website the best first impression:

Hack 1: Keep The Front Page Layout Simple
Homepages are the first impression a website visitor has when visiting your website.

You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention.

Organize your content in a hierarchy, which highlights the most important pieces first, and so on in order of importance.

Here are some tips for your homepage:

  • Do not add too much text, as visitors can feel overwhelmed if you present them with too much information.
  • Avoid using banners and icons, only use them if it is relevant.
  • Have bold clear titles that are to the point.
  • Structure your content in order of importance.
  • Choose a layout, which is easy to for users to navigate.
  • Use of a good combination of color, for website color scheme ideas, I recommend you can have a look at colorlovers.com.
  • Use good quality pictures which describe the purpose of your website. If you have trouble finding pictures, I recommend you try pexels.com.

Hack 2: Update Your Website Content Regularly
When your website is up to date, it reflects the current state of your business, and it helps to build trust between you and your website visitors.

Not only does a website with fresh content build trust between you and your website visitors, but it also makes top search engines like Google very happy!

When you make frequent updates by adding high-quality content, search engines have an assortment of great information to use when responding to their search queries.

Benefits of keeping your website updated:

  • Keeps current subscribers updated.
  • Visitors will come back.
  • Provides new visitors with the necessary information they need.
  • You have a better chance of becoming an authority website.
  • Helps establish your brand.
  • Allows you to provide value.
  • Search engines will recognize your website as a valuable resource.

Hack 3: Optimize Your Website Speed
When a website loads slowly, at least 60% of website visitors will leave and go elsewhere:

Slow websites are bad for conversions! Your visitors will go to your competitors sooner than you think.

Make sure that your website loads in under 3 seconds, to check your website speed you can visit gtmetrix.com:

GTmetrix will allow you to scan your website; and then will return results. The results will display any issues that may be causing your website to load slowly. The results will also show you where the problems are, you then need to have these issues fixed. Once you fix the issues, the website load time should be better.

Perhaps in an upcoming post, I will have a more in-depth write up about WordPress website speed optimization in particular.

In the meanwhile you can have a look at this website speed infographic by Bit Rebels, it’s called the ‘14 Rules For Faster-Loading Websites

Hack 4: Add High-Quality Images To Your Website
The human eye digests visuals, such as images and video easier than text:

This is a natural tendency, and from an early age, we likely had reading material which consisted of many pictures and large easy to read words.

Whether these were reading books, comics or coloring books, it was easy to digest because it had pictures that told a story and short keyword rich sentences.

We are naturally visual beings. Rarely do we read every word on a page, unless the content is easy to read and interesting.

By understanding this known fact, we can design websites in a more meaningful way.

If we can master this, we will be able to steer people to take action and consider supporting conducting business with us.

So add a good amount of pictures to help highlight the content of your website.

Hack 5: Create Content That Is Easy To Read
Make your content readable:

The term “readability “refers to how easy it is for people to recognize words, phrases, and sentences.

If your website’s readability is high, it means that people will be able to understand the information easily and absorb the goodness your website provides with ease.

Try these guidelines to improve your website’s readability:

  • Ensure that your text is clear to see. Adjust the contrast between the background color of the webpage and your text color.
  • Keep your body font at least 16pt; this also depends on the font you are using.
  • Do not use more than three different font families on your website.
  • Keep your sentences short and use words that are easy to understand.

Use these tips to help improve the readability of your website content.

If you are using WordPress, then you can install the Yoast plugin which is superb for this purpose!

I personally use Yoast and it really helps as you go along when writing content. It will indicate if your readability score is too low.

Hack 6: Add A Twist SEO To Your Design
Every website should incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into their marketing mix, aside from other forms of marketing.

By implementing SEO, a business can appear on major search engines like Google organically when people are searching for your products or services.

This way you will be able to get organic traffic to your website without investing any money into paid advertising like Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising.

Aside from getting traffic to your website organically, ensure that the traffic a website receives, converts.

You can use the previous tips I mentioned above and implement it into your conversion strategy.

I hope that by implementing these hacks into your website plan, will help you achieve the best results for your business.

The goal is to provide website visitors and customers with a good user experience. Without our valued customers and visitors, we will out of business, right?

Please feel free to leave a comment below, or share your thoughts, experiences and additional tips.

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