About Avatar Brands

Although Avatar Brands was established in 2017, their digital marketing roots go back to 2011. Avatar Brands was founded by Aasiyah and Faldien Maasdorp, they have helped many business owners grow their businesses. They have worked with clients from different parts of the world, from their native country South Africa, to Uganda, Kenya, and even the United States.

Avatar Brands connects business owners with their customers. They mainly use the internet as a core promotional medium, rather than traditional TV and radio, because they understand digital marketing, they can guide you through the best avenue to grow your business online.

Our Objectives

Our key objective is to promote brands, build popularity and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques.

Our process has been built to give clients’ an ultimate digital marketing solution. Thus increasing conversions, consumer loyalty, and satisfaction! We strive towards consistently seeking knowledge, if we do not know the answer, we will make sure that we find the answer! Client satisfaction is most important to us, and we are always willing to go the extra mile!

If you want to improve the quality and growth of your business online and you’re ready to explore the options which we have available to you, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

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