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Building A Brand Identity

Our brand identity design services will help connect your business with its target audience. We will assist you to create a unique image in the marketplace. A good brand identity design includes two components; visual and intangible. Visual includes your company name, logo, colours, and other graphic or text elements. Intangible are the impressions associated with a product or service. These impressions settle in the minds of individuals who come in contact with your business.

Logo Design

The Importance of Brand Identity

Defining your brand identity creates a unique presence in the marketplace. A good brand identity design attracts new customers and keeps loyal clients. Your unique logo design is really the description of what your business stands for. And nothing differentiates a business better than a brand that is uniquely yours.

It is the visual representation of what defines your business. Your brand identity should be designed in such a way that it communicates your company’s main message. This allows you to create a consistent message across all areas of marketing.

Your brand is your promise which you make to your customer and tells customers what they can expect from your offering. The foundation of your brand is your logo. Your website and promotional material must display your logo in order to communicate your brand with its audience.

Brand Identity Design Process

Step 1: Vision

The vision defines where you would like to see your company in the future.

Step 2: Function

The function defines the actual purpose of the company.

Step 3: Core

These are the non-physical reactions which you expect potential consumers to feel.

Step 4: Character

A brand’s character defines how a brand acts, thinks and conducts itself.

Step 5: Theory

The theory determines how your product or service benefits its consumers

Brand Identity Services

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If your brand is not achieving its goals in representing your business then it probably will not be successful. If you think your business requires a brand redesign do not hesitate to get in touch. If want to spice up your existing brand, or give your new brand the best first impression, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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