What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity refers to discovering your business’s unique identity, and it generally includes two components; visual components, which include your company name, logo, colours, and other graphic or text elements and intangible components, which are the impressions associated with a product or service which emanate and settle in the minds of individuals who come in contact with your business.

Why a unique brand identity is important?

Branding your company by having a unique brand identity aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market which attracts and retains loyal customers! Your unique brand design is really the description of what your business stands for and nothing differentiates a business, product or service better than a brand that is uniquely yours! This is the exact reason why it is so important to discover your unique identity.

Make your mark.

In essence your brand is your promise which you make to your customer. Your brand defines what they can expect from your products or services, and also says how your offering is different from your competitors. The foundation of your brand is your unique logo. Your website, promotional material and packaging should all have your unique logo incorporated into it in order to communicate your brand with the world.

Define your Brand Identity in Five Easy Steps!

Step 1: Vision Statement

A vision statement describes where you would like to see your company in the future.

Step 2: Mission Statement

A mission statement defines the purpose of the company.

Step 3: The Essence

The intangible emotions which you want your customers to feel when they experience your brand.

Step 4: Personality

A brand’s personality describes the way a brand speaks, behaves, thinks, acts, and reacts.

Step 5: Value Proposition

A brand value proposition, is a statement which articulates your product or service’s unique value, and how it benefits customers.


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