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Are You A Local Business Owner?

If you are a local business owner, then you need a Google My Business listing. According to recent studies, 80% of people click on organic and local listings when they are searching for a local business. A Google My Business listing will give your business the opportunity to be listed in Google’s organic search results and on Google Maps.

This helps local consumers find your products and services, as the number of people searching for local businesses is constantly increasing. Search engines like Google provide geographically targeted search results to consumers to help them find what they are looking for.

If you’re trying to rank for, let’s say: “Chinese Food Cape Town“, we can help you! When you implement a good local SEO strategy your business can rank well on Google.

Having a Google My Business Listing is a good way to build a strong and solid presence on Google Maps and the organic search results. Google limits the number of times one website can appear in the search results, but if your Google My business listing appears in addition to your website, it is another position your company holds. Our listings are carefully planned to give your company the best possible exposure in the location your company is situated!

Benefits Of Listing On Google My Business

  • It helps build a loyal base of customers.
  • It allows clients to easily access information, whether it be driving directions, operating hours or a contact number.
  • Making changes and updates are easy.
  • Should a contact number or location change, edits can be done in one place.
  • Expand your reach if you have more than one area of service. Make sure customers see the location closest to them.
  • Whether it’s a tablet, a desktop computer, or a smartphone, people can easily access information about your business!
  • Access to insights such as traffic statistics, views, clicks and followers.
  • Having a local listing can assist in building your brand identity and brand awareness.
  • Local listings appear on Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus.

Do you want to list your local business on Google?

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