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in under 5 minutes or less.

No documents to fill out. Submit details online.

Verify online. One time fee.

How to register your company online?

All you need to do is complete the 3 step online application. Verify your ID or Passport. No documents to fill out.

1. Submit online application

2. Online identity verification

3. Company is registered


R 997

One time fee. 7 day money back guarantee.

A new company registration includes:

  • Company Name Reservation
  • Company Registration Number
  • Company Registration Certificate
  • SARS Income Tax Registration Number
  • Memorandum of Incorporation
7 day

Why Avatar Brands?

Registering your company can be a headache. We’ve made it easier!

Quick and Easy

It’s so easy and it takes less than 5 minutes to register.

Proper Setup

Be assured that you company will be registered properly.

Hassle Free

We’ll do all the heavy lifting, keeping everything organized.

CIPC Communication

Your company information is filed with the CIPC and kept up to date.

User Friendly

Our customer hub is user friendly, so you’ll find it easy to navigate.

Secure Information

All your information is kept completely secure via a secure SSL.

What others are saying...

Great company to work with! I would highly recommend Avatar Brands to all start-up businesses.
Ismaeel B
Tiny Giants Construction
Registering my company with Avatar Brands was a breeze. No paperwork to fill out. No scanning. No faxing!
Faldien M
Power Afrika Electrical
Avatar Brands is my choice for website design and company registration and I would highly recommend their services.
Mahdi A
Kudu Deals

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