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If your WordPress website is super fast, please just leave this page right now! Take a break and grab a coffee or something!

If it is not super fast, realise that:

Potential consumers will NOT hang around, and Google will drop your website rankings like a stone!

Why the speed of your website is important?

All website owners want their websites to provide a good user experience, regardless of what business they are in. A website that provides a good user experience to a new or returning customer is likely to perform better than a website that is slow. You just can not overlook the importance of website load speed.

According to recent studies, the attention span of humans has dropped from 12 seconds to 7 seconds in the period between 2000 and 2016. Exactly what does this mean if you have a website?

It means that, you only have so much time to convince potential consumers that they need to stay on your website. Did you know that when the speed of your website is slow, often times users will leave the site even before it loads? Ultimately producing a very high bounce rate!

Another study conducted by StrangeLoop involved Google, Amazon and other major sites. The case study revealed that a 1 second delay in page load time can lead to loss in conversions by 7%, a drop in page views by 11% and a decrease in customer satisfaction by 16%.

Slow websites can cost you money

Did you know that Google, Yahoo and Bing penalise slow websites by pushing them down in the search result pages, which means that these websites will get less traffic.
In a nutshell, if you want an increase in traffic, conversions, ROI and more sales, then you have to make sure that your website loads fast to improve user experience.

Often times website owners do not realise how slow their website is. Since you may frquently visit your own website, as soon as you start typing in your website address the browser will prefetch it and your website will load almost instantly. The browser saves a cached version of the website which loads fast, and it may seem that the website speed is OK. But, this is a huge misunderstanding.

However when anyone else visits your website, they will have a completely different user experience. Users in other parts of the world will also have different experiences. If your website loads in 2 seconds and under its good. The faster your website loads the better!

Whether you would like to increase your bottom line, get more customers, increase your revenue or improve on your customer satisfaction our WordPress Speed Optimisation services are just what you need!

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